Saturday, June 4, 2011

Houston, we have a kicker!

The past few days I've been having fun with Amelia kicking.  It's the most blessed feeling to experience.  I love her every minute I feel her.

Yesterday we spent 4 hours at the Perinatal Center.  Wasn't my favorite time of the day spent waiting and while we had to leave because Doug would have been REALLY late for work, I at least got to hear her heart beating. She kicked the nurse again too. Kinda funny to hear.

I still can't feel kicks all the hard yet.  I can't wait for Doug to feel them, but the past two days I've been feeling more and more kicks.  ESPECIALLY in the bladder which sends me to the bathroom of course.  She makes me smile.  So far she's up doing this from 10pm until around 4am.  Since I'm on Dougs schedule we get to bed around 2am.  It seems as though she's on momma's night owl schedule.  We'll see how long that lasts though.   I seem to have a plan in place for feeding time and we all know just how that tends to work out.  So I'm keeping an open mind because I'm SURE she'll let us know when she actually gets here when she wants to eat.

Doug gave me another 17P injection yesterday as well.  I'm having more intense nausea, a headache and last weeks injection site feels like a HUGE rock on my bum cheek.  It's painful to sleep on but I try to roll past the lump in my bum to the safer hip bone area.  I'm also finding I'm TIRED today.  I slept well last night and even slept in.  Wake up a few hours and now I'm ready for a nap again.  I'm in my second trimester so I'm unsure if this is a side effect from the progesterone injection or if its just a down day.  Whatever the case, I'm told to relax and enjoy it before baby comes.  I'll be taking a nap shortly.

Sunday starts the milestone week to get past.  Yup, 22 weeks tomorrow.  Thursday was the day I gave birth to Jackson last pregnancy.  Things are looking good to pass this milestone though.  I haven't lost my mucus plug like last time, the BV has been taken care of this time around, I'm on 17P injections to stop preterm labor and finally had the stitch put in a few weeks ago.  So far there's nothing to report.  No news is good news.  Once I pass this milestone I'll move toward 24wks which is viability, after that another 4 weeks will be a celebration, 6 wks after that will have me extatic and anything after 37wks will have me down right partying!  Watch Out!

Lately I've been putting things on a Registry list for the Baby Shower.  It's pretty odd for me as I don't like being the center of attention.  I suppose if I look at it as AMELIA being the guest of honor then it will be less odd for me.  I'm one of those women who LOVES to plan and put on a party but not one in whom likes to be the center of it. Haha  My husband, mother, mother in law and a couple women from the church are helping to put one combined shower together.  Not knowing WHEN I'd go into labor and knowing that I'm on bed rest, I think having too many will be WAY to hard to do. So I suppose a combined will be fun.  I'm honored and I'm sure Amelia is as well.

That's all for now. I'm so tired I think I need to nap for awhile.

Love to you all!

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