Sunday, June 19, 2011

Designing The Nursery

Okay, THIS is my forte!  I'm passing the time on bed rest by trying to figure out how I'm going to decorate Amelia's room.  I never imagined it'd be so much fun planning a little girls nursery.  With Jackson's it was SO easy.  No frills little boys room, but Amelia's room.  Oh goodness this will be all out girl! Haha

Now, with that being said, I'm VERY picky about colors!  I have had it with the cutesie same ol, same ol around here.  I can barely find anything NOT pink or white with frills.  Don't get me wrong. I like pink and all, but In looking for gender neutral things it's hard to find primary colors and when they are, they usually have either frills so a boy can't use them OR something boyish so a girl couldn't wear them.  So with that issue I have been picketing the pinks and pastels of the baby world.

I have some lightly used hand me downs with pink she'll wear because they ARE cute but for the most part, I want primary colors and fun kidsy colors for her to wear.  Good luck right?!

Well back to the Nursery planning.  It's taken me awhile but I've finally put something together that I think will work.

First, we put new nursery furniture on layaway.  We did it because it would come off in July and that would be my 28 wk milestone.  I absolutely NEEDED to pass wk 22 (which I have) and wk 24 (which I am now on my way to doing) before I brought home ANY furniture.  My thought is that I did not want to have to take down or put away anything if something were to happen.  I just couldn't bare the thought.  So to get the excitement going, we looked at furniture and then put it on layaway.  We came up with a crib and dresser in dark cherry:

Then we'll add a beige throw rug (almost the size of the room because I'm not a fan of the floors that were stained).

I FINALLY think I found the colors I want for Amelia's bedding. They will be done custom by BirdsHaveFlowers.  The fabrics to choose from are as follows:

I was thinking the middle top fabric with the bird will be the inner bumper, the yellow toil will be the outer bumper fabric.  The pink rose fabric on the bottom right will be the crib fitted sheet and the striped color fabric second from the top of the picture on the top right will be the dust ruffle.

This MAY change as I DO like the blue rose on the bottom left corner for sheets as well. 

Another combination would be to do the bird fabric  for the inner bumper and yellow toil for the outer bumper fabric THEN using the pink toil for the sheets and the butterfly fabric for the dust ruffle. MAYBE even using both the striped multicolor for the first half of the ruffle and the butterflies for the second half.

 I also have an idea for custom window panels but that will come MUCH later as this I'm sure will cost a pretty penny. Oh the choices I have!

Then comes the corner where there will be a small table with the lamp I bought when I found out I was pregnant:

I haven't gotten the table yet and will look for that at an antique store.  Where next to the table will be a glider to rock my little girl to sleep as she nurses:

I also found some wall decals that would fit perfectly in the room custom made by Gorgeous Wall Art:

Above the crib will be wooden letter's with Amelia's name, The two corner walls that come together on the opposite side of the room will have HUGE photographs of Amelia from infancy, to toddler and then   first day of school milestone so that when someone walks in the room they see those beautiful miraculous milestones.  I will be comforted reading her stories under those beautiful pictures that will remind me each day the gift we've been given. It'll never be taken for granted that's for sure!

Again, things can ALWAYS change, but this is what I've dreamt up so far.  Dreaming is fun!

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