Saturday, June 4, 2011

Here's A Great Tool For Family Worship Time At Home

For a long time Doug and I have been excited about having kids and teaching them.  1st and foremost is we wanted to start a family worship time. We want God to be the center of our lives and home.  So what better way to share the gospel with our children and teach them how to memorize scriptures than to do it with song.

Seeds Family Worship is an excellent opportunity to do that.

Second, while things "could" change in the future (we know we have time before actual school takes place with Amelia and are actually looking forward to taking our time and just enjoying time with her) we've hoped for 10 years that we would be able to homeschool our children.  Doug of course has taken the reigns on this and I had no idea that once he found out about Amelia he had started DIVING IN again on this project and has decided to go with the "Classical Homeschooling" ideal of learning.

Looking at it has me excited too.  Though I know we have awhile until she actually gets there, it will be fun to encourage learning as she grows at any stage for whatever age she is.

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