Friday, August 12, 2011

Amelia 31wks and 5dys.

Amelia cooperated for just a few short seconds to take a 3D.  We are happy to announce she's at the 50th percentile at 4 lbs 4 oz and so far everything looks beautiful!  Thanks to the inversion method exercise I was able to help her move positions from breech to transverse with spine up and head down facing the left side.  This means that she is possibly turning soon.  I'm SO happy I tried this method that was suggested to me on .  Hopefully she'll stay in this position and smoothly move to ready herself in position for delivery.  It feels pretty good that she turned with me having a heart shaped uterus.  I'm told many of these babies don't have room to turn later on and c-sections are inevitable.  Here in the U.S., they pretty much do c-sections for EVERYTHING.  We have a high rate of sections here in New York State.

While I'm not apposed to c-section if in fact Amelia needs it, I would like a normal vaginal birth if we can.  There are so many benefits to vaginal delivery. One being that it takes less time to recover.  I'm all for that. In the longrun though, It doesn't matter how she gets here, just that she gets here safely!  I'm at peace and trusting in the Lord.

She looks a whole lot like her brother Jackson.  They are certainly daddy's kids.  His family traits with the nose and mouth.  I have this feeling she'll have a tall torso like her brother and daddy as well.  What a blessing to finally see this little girl of ours! My cup runneth over.

To think we'll see her in less than 2 months is BEYOND joy to my heart and I only have God to thank for His lovingkindness and of course many of my dear friends who've been here praying for us.  Tis a gift from God for sure!

Love to you all.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A New Car for Us And A Few Updates...

So here's our new minivan!  We got a great deal with low interest. By the grace of God our first choice didn't work out. They wouldn't work with our ideal interest and budget.  It had 47k miles for a 2009.  THEN I kept praying that God would either close the door or open a new one.

In this case, the first choice didn't work out but God had a better one for us. We got this 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan loaded with only 27k miles on it for much less than the other vehicle, the interest is beyond EXCELLENT and fits our budget.  The best part is it's a 7 passenger seating which fold down into the floors for more room.  The seats feel like they're hugging us and the air conditioning. Lets just say when it's been REALLY hot here we've been taking country drives to cool off.

Amelia will fit safely in the van, the dogs love it and we will be able to fit everything in for a future vacation next year.  THAT my dear friends is a joy and one that I'm praising God for.  Just to have a safer vehicle than our Santa Fe that kept having different things break on us.  It's a comfort and God knew what we needed, when we needed it.

In other news.... Amelia is 30wks 5 days today and she's rambunctious!  She's been moving around and using my bladder like a soccer ball while her weight is weighing heavily on my lower back.

I've been able to get out of bed rest with moderation in movement but I keep seeming to overdo this new freedom.  I landed in the Dr.'s office this week to check for contractions.  No contractions thank goodness but I'm getting back pain REALLY bad!  Amelia passed one of her stress tests.

If you will, a prayer request we have these days is that she'll turn from her breech position.  While it's still early at 30wks I just found out from research that babies in a heart-shaped uterus such as mine tend to have trouble moving into the birthing position. Usually it's best to try to move them between second trimester and 30wks which Is almost over for me. ((Sigh)) This "could" mean c-section if she continues to stay breech and I would LOVE to have a natural vaginal birth if at all possible.  Please pray that by Gods hand, our little Amelia will turn before she gets too big so we can enjoy the gift of delivering her and having the time to bond with her right away.  Whatever means she's born we'll be content and know that we did all we could and God provided HIS way as the way.

Next week if Amelia cooperates, we may have a 3D picture to show.  She hasn't been very cooperative thus far so please don't get too excited!  My hope is she'll cooperate enough to get some good photo's as keepsakes for her in the future.  I'd LOVE to start a "hope chest" for her and place that in there as her very first item.

Love and hugs to you all!