Monday, September 12, 2011

36wks And Counting!

Looking at the baby calculator spinning on my side bar, you'd think that Amelia is in position and head down.  NOPE!  Not my little one.  Haha  We've done several methods as described in the inversion method, massage technique, moxybustion. None have turned her.  She either goes from breech to transverse (which isn't any better of positions) or doesn't budge at all.

Since everything is so low, I decided NOT to do chiropractic prenatal adjustments and I refuse to do the external aversions that the Dr. uses to manipulate her into position.  My thought right now is that I've done everything I can to move her and there MUST be a reason she's refused to move.  So no more manipulation.  I mentioned I have a heart shaped uterus which can make it harder for baby to turn as she gets bigger but there could be a cord issue or I have SEVERE adema or water  swelling in the pelvic area which could be a reason too.  Whatever the case, she's just not ready.  As some of you have said, she "may" turn the very last minute.  We've left that open to her and God.

As it stands we have a c-section date scheduled for the first week in October.  This should give her enough time to turn on her own if she wants to while also being sure we're ready if she still hasn't turned.  Technically if an emergency arises and she's still breech we'll be going for an emergency c-section.  Hopefully none of that will take place and she'll be safe and healthy until God deems fit for her to be born. I'm at peace.  It's not exactly the birthing experience I had planned but I'm trusting that God knows all things and will be sure to keep us all safe.

Amelia gave us another facial picture last week and she weighs in at 7 lbs approximately.   Her amniotic fluid is on the high-normal side so we're praying it stays "normal".

I on the other hand feel like a truck.  Not only am I not comfortable to sleep, but with Amelia breech I'm finding that she's pushing everything up and I have acid reflux around the clock, her bum is sitting right on mine and I'm having constipation, there's lack of sleep and lots of water retention.  So far bp is fine and there are no signs of pre-eclampsia. We are definitely at the home stretch ladies and gents!  I hear these last few weeks can be a terror.  I'm trying to count my blessings and be grateful for a daughter through all the discomfort and also for a husband who is gracious, kind, loving and patient with me.  My moods haven't been the greatest these days.  He's taken the burden of so much of the house and helping me physically as well as his full time job at the hospital. Words can't express how grateful to God I am for Him.  He was certainly hand-picked by God to be my husband.  No other man could have endured what we have over the years along side me like this man who loves God and trusts Him solely.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Lovely Baby Shower Celebration for Amelia's Upcoming Birth

My mom put it on and my mil and fil helped along with my husband, aunt and two friends from church.

Though not everyone showed up we still had over 40ppl in and out. It was truly a humbling experience and my first "baby shower" was so beautiful.

They gave me the job of designing the cake to keep me occupied during bed rest.  I took it to a cake decorator and she fulfilled my cute little dream for the cake.  I usually am the one that plans parties...the menu, the cakes, the days....I'm not used to being the center (of course it was Amelia but while she was present in my belly, she wasn't here in our arms quite yet).

The cake says "someone special, someone dear, someone almost here.  Welcome Baby Amelia.

We got our stroller travel system (which I exchanged for the one we actually wanted from our registry), we got a matching pack n play system, a  Motorola digital monitoring system, a digital ear thermometer, a winter cover for the carseat, 6 all in one cloth diapers in the larger size (which are quite expensive...we need 36 over time so now we only need 30), pacifiers, Dr. Browns bottles for colic, breast feeding bottles and organizing system, lots of bibs, lots of onesies, lots of cute little outfits, lots of books, some towels, a white noise system with cute little ceiling animations that go around, bottle dryer, basket that goes in the dishwasher to keep baby nipples, pacifiers, spoons etc. to disinfect, baby journals, mommy journals, nipple covers to stop the milk from leaking, a bathtub faucet cover to protect from hot water, humidifier, stainless steel trashcan for her room to put the dirty cloth diapers in, lots of gift cards, money and more.

It was MORE than I imagined and I was humbled to the point of tears. This is just out of my comfort zone. The women that came to celebrate Amelia's upcoming arrival and the love they have for Doug, myself and Amelia were just over the top. I truly believe it takes a "village" to raise a child. Had many of these people not supported us through prayer, encouragement, meals, cleaning, etc....I may not have had this opportunity for bed rest and by the Grace of God I found several forums on Preterm Labor and Incompetent Cervix based on the findings from the placental autopsy and He led me to women like me for support....the outcome at 22wks may have been the same as Jacksons had I not educated myself and known about IC because I started to funnel and lose length at 19wks. Had I not fought to be monitored we would have lost Amelia like we did with Jackson at 22wks.  It was SO God to just take my hand and walk me through each step of the way. Carry me when I was unsure and keep Amelia safe from all the bacterial and yeast issues that landed us in the hospital.  Now here I am at 35 wks 2 days carrying a daughter whom I'll hold as my first living child in a matter of weeks.   It's just AMAZING!

So we received a lot of gifts...but I think the biggest of all was the love God gave to us and the human kindness not just from those present at the shower but it seems around the world through other means like the internet. I just feel abundantly blessed! Can't WAIT to hold my little girl in a few more weeks and share her with all of you.

Here are some more pics of the day:

"Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice....That's what little girls are made of".

The punch

The Menu

The awesome diaper cake my Cousin Tiff made with aio cloth diapers, onesies, TONS of bibs and a little tea set that will go with the theme of Amelia's room once the final design is finished!

My little cousin Jenny and I are pregnant together and get to share motherhood together. Her Colleen and my Amelia will hopefully come to know each other well! :pray

This is it for now.  Just thought I'd share a fun and happy moment filled with blessings!

It's nice to finally be in a spot where I'm not dealing with emergent and abnormal issues.  While I still could have her at anytime...she's healthy enough to have even now if thats when the Lord wills.  Right now she seems to be doing just fine and we stop injections after this fridays dose and they take the cerclage out a week from this friday "IF" we're not getting a c-section.  At this point we're talking about one because amelia keeps going from transverse to breech and is now transverse again.   Since I have a heart shaped uterus it's getting tight for her in there so I'm going for moxibustion therapy with an acupuncturist to try to turn her.  As we all know, this is between God and Amelia.  So I'm doing all I can and am at peace with whatever outcome we end up with as long as she's safe!

So that's an update for now!