Friday, March 1, 2013

A Season Of Plenty

I am getting SO excited for this new season in our lives.  I cannot tell you how much I love being a wife, mother and housewife.  Don't let the word "housewife" change the way you see me. The work of a housewife is anything BUT luxurious. In fact, I rarely see myself wearing heels and high end clothes to run outside and sun myself. Nor have I ever flipped a table over because I was mad or punched someone because they didn't do things my way (I must admit there "may" have been times I've wanted to with certain people).

Baby Bear

We're in such a fun season right now. I'm FINALLY coming into my own with having a child.  I was so cautious and scared in the beginning. Dr.'s never made it any easier with their scare tactics about normal, everyday issues pertaining to newborns.

Baby bear is coming into her own as well. She loves music, dancing and might I add talking to the list too?! She's picking up new things, is captivated by her 5 senses and LOVES books. She is laughing most of the time and has brought so much fun and love to people we meet in public. Totally worth the 10 year wait for her.

The House

There is also the fun we're having in our OWN home. If you could see me dancing the Irish Jig right now you'd know I'm excited! While I know this is material and FAR from importance, it IS important for us to live in a quiet and SAFE neighborhood.  What a change from the city!  Love our neighbors, love our fenced in backyard and I LOVE making this house our own.  We have painted, put up some doors, taken off backboards, pulled up carpet, changed faucet fixtures and the list goes on.

Today I just ordered the custom cushions for our kitchen Buffet Seating. It came with the house and I wasn't sure I would keep it. In fact, I hated it!  My intention is to knock down that wall anyways and expand the kitchen to where our back deck is with a more open floor plan. It will have the look of a sun porch.  With it will be an expanded bathroom and kids room. Right now though, it needs a new look. The expansion part of the process won't be happening for AT LEAST a decade. We need to pay down the house and save for this big idea of mine.  I am quite content with what we have right this minute and am enjoying the redesign projects I have.

Doug has learned new skills as well. With the kitchen I asked he change the drabby white (and pretty banged up I may add) hanging light for a new FRESH chandelier. The chandelier is more of an Americana dated look. I like it with the 18th century paint we used. I then got sick of  the counters being so crowded, so I took an old hanging shelf my aunt gave me and turned it into an herb/spice rack by putting all the spices in little canning containers that I marked in red. The very top has an antique kettle, some cinnamon sticks and a picture of family.

Later I'll go and add some hardware to the bland cupboards. I already have an idea of what I want but need to find a good price.

Pictures will come in a few weeks when it all comes together. I'll show a before and after pic. I chose a POP of color for the seating cushions I had custom made AND the door. Wait till you see it!

                          Tiny replica of the gardening plans I'd like for our own home this year.

The Garden

Help me Rhonda! Both my husband and I are really excited about this one. I DO think we went overboard on the seeds, however it's our first home and nobody is here to say we can't anymore. SO, we WILL have a BIG garden. Lessons will be learned I'm sure but we've already had our hands wet over the past decade so this will be a fun project for us.

The Birds And The Bee's

Finally, we're trying for another one.  Kid that is! It's  been so much fun parenting that we'd LOVE to have more. I think it's the last child through fertility route. I'd say my own body but if the Lords will is a surprise pregnancy then I won't argue.  Fertility hormones REALLY take it's toll on the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of a woman AND a man. Can't leave out our men. My husband is right there along side me and when momma's not happy, neither is he. lol  Honestly I've been so at peace throughout this cycle. It's hard to believe that I'm on hormones. At least it's hard for ME to believe it. Doug may beg to differ a little.

He's been VERY excited over all this.  He's had to encourage me several times because I've been hesitant to get back into all this because it REALLY takes a toll on a marriage.  So many couples struggle with infertility and it's not just about the heartache but the emotional well-being of both parties as well as the financial well-being. It's NOT cheap. If you don't have insurance that covers fertility treatment your in for a rude awakening! Luckily God has blessed us with good insurance. We go as far as we can to exhaust the coverage with exception to IVF. While our insurance covers IVF, we have decided it isn't for us for many reasons. Now this doesn't mean I'm against it for anyone else. I have several friends who exhausted every aspect and tried it. Some with excellent outcomes, others went on to adopt.  It's okay. I find this to be an issue between husband, wife and God.  God reveals to us what our convictions are. Not everyone has those same convictions. Not everyone is created the same either. So I leave that decision down to God and the couple.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what God does in our lives.  We hope to expand our family beyond children born of our own bodies. Our hope is that God will also give us favor to raise funds to adopt in the future and bring home the children born in our hearts. He knows we've been praying for over 10 years for their safety and well-being as well as their birth family.

A New Church

We have been looking for awhile. Not that I've wanted to, but my husbands schedule has made it hard for us to get to a regular service. We've had to research alternative hours of service and have found only a small handful. Not all churches have the same ideals that we believe in so it's made it hard. We "think" we've found one but it's a church plant and only gets together in our immediate area once a month. Not all monthly services meet on my husbands day off either so this is a concern for us. It's important that Amelia is brought up in the church. To know God, to fellowship with like-minded family and to find growth through Christ.  So we continue to pray for Gods plan on this front. Out of anything THIS is the most important. We are created by God and put here for HIS glory for HIS kingdom.  He's blessed us with much but "to whom MUCH is given, MUCH is required".

So lots going on. I'm loving it! To God be the glory and may He give us wisdom and guidance as well as good health and protection in Jesus name...Amen!