Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day FILLED With Blessings!

Mother's Day was the first time I was able to celebrate motherhood with the gift of a living child. Some may already know that I have a beautiful son waiting for me in Heaven who was birthed at 22wks and died shortly after. You can find out more on my blog "Broken Heart, Mended Fences".  THIS blog is about the blessings that have now come from heartache.

Doug and I have been planning to have Baby Bear dedicated for quite some time but have finally gotten the spare time to do it. I let Doug call and pick a date.  What we both didn't get until we looked at the calendar is that Baby Bear's dedication was actually on Mother's Day.  What a gift that was!

She was such a delight and was great during the dedication.  Even better during brunch when both sets of grandparents, a great-grandmother and her favorite great-aunt fought to hold her.  She's a little social butterfly!

I'm grateful to God for those in the church who took the responsibility to help raise our daughter to honor and follow Him.  As I said in an earlier post, "It takes a village to raise a child". Especially one who will follow Christ and share His goodness with the world.  We pray that He would guide and protect her footsteps as they are planted on His foundation, that she becomes a blessing to others and would live her life each day as a blessing. Counting all her blessings, trusting in the one who created her when there are rough seasons and that she would know without a doubt that He loves her and so do her earthly parents.

After 10 years, Motherhood is a gift I'll NEVER take for granted. I pray for my sisters who are still Hoping in our Lord for a child and to those like me who've lost a child no matter how old they were.  God continues to floor me with His gift of mercy and grace. I have much to learn about life and I am happy to have a Father in Heaven with which to count on. To Him I give all the glory for every blessing He's bestowed upon us.  


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Bek. I feel like I was actually there, sharing in the joy of that day with you. And since I have been praying for this little girl since long before she made her appearance into the world, I NEEDED to be at the dedication.

    Interestingly, we had a baby dedication at our church on Mother's Day as well. Baby dedications used to kill me---brokenhearted, and longing for another baby of my own, I would sit through them sobbing. For the last year, though, I can sit through them without crying; in fact, I can actually smile and rejoice with the parents. God, indeed, has healed my heart.

    Love that precious little girl.

    Big hugs,

  2. Thank you SO MUCH Patti! I felt as though you were with us. I just kept thanking God for your encouragement and love at a time I needed it. You never left my side and when I was deep in despair, God gave you the discernment to know as I received plenty of phone calls and/or mail from you just as I did this Mother's Day before we went to the church. May God always be in your midst protecting you, guiding your footsteps and blessing you and your family abundantly in and through Jesus Christ. I thank God for our beautiful friendship! Love you my dearest friend!

  3. Hello and Happy Mothers Day!!!
    Miss Amelia is adorable. Getting so big.

    Had months of computer problems so I was out of touch with all my E-Friends.
    All fixed now and glad to be back in touch.



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