Thursday, October 6, 2011

Introducing Our Rainbow Baby

Sorry it's been awhile since posting.

Amelia Gabrielle Shearer arrived at 8:29am on Sept. 29th by c-section.  The section over all went well but felt kind of odd being pulled.  She came in weighing 8lbs 13oz's

She went up to NICU and they let her down two hours later only for her to go back up the following day because her sugars weren't stabilized.  It became rough from there. NICU was only "open" during certain times. DURING those times you had to breastfeed or feed your baby.  Amelia was learning to attach but has issues with peanut butter tongue...meaning her tongue goes to the roof of her mouth instead of lying at the bottom.  So that made our time spent there much later and gave her less time to latch on and get food. All the while, we'd get downstairs eat and instead of sleeping, we'd go back up for her feeding times.  It was awful seeing her on lead lines, being poked and prodded for testing.  I was obviously emotional seeing it.

She was finally sent back to us but then they said she had jaundice.  They wanted to keep her and we said okay, however the testing they did and then the light therapy left her without clothes on, cold, unswaddled and eyes always covered.  By the last 6 hours she'd had it and so did we. It was horrifying to go through with our little one.

We came home on day 5 of our stay and life has been better.  Amelia is latching on nicely, my milk has just come in and we're getting sleep when it comes.  It's been better together at home where we all belong. We're enjoying being a family now! My cup runneth over with abundant joy.

Wanted to share a few pics with you all.

                                                  The 1st time I saw my miracle baby.

                                                        Welcome Amelia Gabrielle!

                                      Cute little one.  I just love her more and more each day.

                                                   Amelia's first hour in her bassinete.

As of now, I'm recovering from the incision, have contracted PUPPS rash from pregnancy.  My abdomen is mishapen and my body has TONS of water retention in the abdomen especially, that is now leaking like I broke my water. I kept crying because I wondered if my body would look disfigured forever but have been told it will take time, and will get back to normal.

As I recover from the harder issues, I just keep looking at my daughter Amelia, my husband and our dogs and remember how blessed I am. My cup truly runneth over with abundant love! I thank God for all things INCLUDING my family. Praise be to God!

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