Monday, September 12, 2011

36wks And Counting!

Looking at the baby calculator spinning on my side bar, you'd think that Amelia is in position and head down.  NOPE!  Not my little one.  Haha  We've done several methods as described in the inversion method, massage technique, moxybustion. None have turned her.  She either goes from breech to transverse (which isn't any better of positions) or doesn't budge at all.

Since everything is so low, I decided NOT to do chiropractic prenatal adjustments and I refuse to do the external aversions that the Dr. uses to manipulate her into position.  My thought right now is that I've done everything I can to move her and there MUST be a reason she's refused to move.  So no more manipulation.  I mentioned I have a heart shaped uterus which can make it harder for baby to turn as she gets bigger but there could be a cord issue or I have SEVERE adema or water  swelling in the pelvic area which could be a reason too.  Whatever the case, she's just not ready.  As some of you have said, she "may" turn the very last minute.  We've left that open to her and God.

As it stands we have a c-section date scheduled for the first week in October.  This should give her enough time to turn on her own if she wants to while also being sure we're ready if she still hasn't turned.  Technically if an emergency arises and she's still breech we'll be going for an emergency c-section.  Hopefully none of that will take place and she'll be safe and healthy until God deems fit for her to be born. I'm at peace.  It's not exactly the birthing experience I had planned but I'm trusting that God knows all things and will be sure to keep us all safe.

Amelia gave us another facial picture last week and she weighs in at 7 lbs approximately.   Her amniotic fluid is on the high-normal side so we're praying it stays "normal".

I on the other hand feel like a truck.  Not only am I not comfortable to sleep, but with Amelia breech I'm finding that she's pushing everything up and I have acid reflux around the clock, her bum is sitting right on mine and I'm having constipation, there's lack of sleep and lots of water retention.  So far bp is fine and there are no signs of pre-eclampsia. We are definitely at the home stretch ladies and gents!  I hear these last few weeks can be a terror.  I'm trying to count my blessings and be grateful for a daughter through all the discomfort and also for a husband who is gracious, kind, loving and patient with me.  My moods haven't been the greatest these days.  He's taken the burden of so much of the house and helping me physically as well as his full time job at the hospital. Words can't express how grateful to God I am for Him.  He was certainly hand-picked by God to be my husband.  No other man could have endured what we have over the years along side me like this man who loves God and trusts Him solely.

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