Friday, August 12, 2011

Amelia 31wks and 5dys.

Amelia cooperated for just a few short seconds to take a 3D.  We are happy to announce she's at the 50th percentile at 4 lbs 4 oz and so far everything looks beautiful!  Thanks to the inversion method exercise I was able to help her move positions from breech to transverse with spine up and head down facing the left side.  This means that she is possibly turning soon.  I'm SO happy I tried this method that was suggested to me on .  Hopefully she'll stay in this position and smoothly move to ready herself in position for delivery.  It feels pretty good that she turned with me having a heart shaped uterus.  I'm told many of these babies don't have room to turn later on and c-sections are inevitable.  Here in the U.S., they pretty much do c-sections for EVERYTHING.  We have a high rate of sections here in New York State.

While I'm not apposed to c-section if in fact Amelia needs it, I would like a normal vaginal birth if we can.  There are so many benefits to vaginal delivery. One being that it takes less time to recover.  I'm all for that. In the longrun though, It doesn't matter how she gets here, just that she gets here safely!  I'm at peace and trusting in the Lord.

She looks a whole lot like her brother Jackson.  They are certainly daddy's kids.  His family traits with the nose and mouth.  I have this feeling she'll have a tall torso like her brother and daddy as well.  What a blessing to finally see this little girl of ours! My cup runneth over.

To think we'll see her in less than 2 months is BEYOND joy to my heart and I only have God to thank for His lovingkindness and of course many of my dear friends who've been here praying for us.  Tis a gift from God for sure!

Love to you all.

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